Happy Parent’s Day!

We realize being a parent is the most important job there is, but we also realize it is also the hardest job.
As parents there may be days that are successful in parenting, and some when we are in the brink of completely losing our minds. It is important to acknowledge our days for what they are and ask ourselves what we need. We may need a time-out for ourselves, a walk, a talk with a support person, or some much needed self-care. Determining what we may be lacking for our well-being, and return the well-being of our family or children, is a necessary component for a happy, thriving family. If you are well, your children will be well.
Something that might also help is reading about other parents’ experiences or advice on more effective ways to parent.
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Above all, today is a time to acknowledge the greatest job anyone could carry, and you are already doing it! Keep going!

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