There is an excuse to eat ice cream today! 
It is Ice Cream Day! 

Because we are living in uncertain times much has changed. Some events might have been cancelled and maybe not many are giving ice cream deals to celebrate today with ice cream, yet we can still enjoy some by:

*Purchasing ice cream cones at your favorite ice cream shop and eat outdoors, but fast before they melt! 
*Buy some ice cream at your local store and add some creative toppings! Some may include: peanuts, toasted marshmallow, sprinkles, blueberries, pistachios, peanut butter, sprinkles, Reese’s, strawberry Pop-Tart, Oreo, or others…
Click here to search for more, or just be creative with whatever you have at home!

*Or… Make your own ice cream! All you need are Zip-lock bags, ice, half-and-half, pure vanilla extract, granulated sugar, and Kosher salt.
Click here for the list of what you need, directions, and a video on how to make it.

Above all just enjoy with your loved ones with the excuse of having ice cream today, of course! 

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