What Moms Are Saying

A recent client from SHNFP stated the following:
“We would like to tell you that your visits have really made a difference in our lives. Bringing a child into this world is certainly not an easy task, especially for first time parents. Thus, every advice you have given us—no matter how small it might seem to be—has helped us become better parents”.  – Ana


Sam and Karen
“I really had no idea what Nurse-Family Partnership would offer. After meeting Karen that first day, she explained the program is there to prepare me to have my baby and we would discuss topics I wanted to learn about. I thought, ‘I am about to have a baby on my own, I need the help!’”  said Sam

The relationship Karen and Sam built has helped Sam learn to take on life’s moments, one thing at a time. “Learning I was pregnant was scary at first. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy,” said Sam. “I thought, ‘Oh boy what did I get myself into. I have to bathe her on my own and get up in the middle of the night.’” Sam realized she was beginning a journey that would be both rewarding and difficult, but with Karen’s help she learned to take on each moment as it happened.


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